Late (Build) WP9

Lately we have been doing some Student Blogging Challenge posts making me fall behind. But, i’m back! Now this post is a finish of the build post i did before. Honestly i’m more excited about my WP10! But, Currently the truck build is “finished” and I am pretty happy about it so i couldn’t wait to notify you guys! This is a picture of an RZR at Huck Fest in Pismo.



I don’t have any pictures of the finished truck, but this post will be updated with pictures of it soon.

The truck seems to be going pretty nicely but is still having some problems with the gauges and such. I hope it turns out well because i really like the truck and the way it handles and looks. On there terms it looks amazing and i’m surprised it turned out so well, I honestly thought it wouldn’t look as nice as it does. Well that’s all for now, next post is on My New OHV.


My Family SBC 3

This week my class is doing a “Blogging Challenge”. In this one we are writing about one of three topics and obviously i chose family. When thinking of my family i automatically think of camping and             off-roading. Just recently I went camping to Pismo Beach and got to drive almost the whole time. I might be getting my own RZR too! But, the other thing i think of is the awesome mom and dad i have that let me do so much, without them I wouldn’t have anything. I really appreciate what they do for me and love to go mtb rideing, RZR camping, Vacationing, and a lot more. Over all my family is personally the best!



Huck Fest twice closed (B.A.D)


In Pismo Beach, California, there is a festival called Huck Fest. It has been a Pismo tradition for up to 11 years! After some years The Ociano Dunes decided to make a admission fee for the company Huck Fest to enter. They did it one year, But they made no money because of it. The next year or this year they raised the fee. Huck Fest decided to cancel because of these fee’s and secretly made a “fake” Huck Fest for people to come too. But… Ociano Dunes found out about there “fake” Huck Fest and rejected them. This weekend i’m still going and there might still be some cool stuff anyway. I am going with a family friend named Pat. His nick name is Pismo Pat because he go’s there often enough to get the place put in his name.

bj b


I really think that Huck Fest shouldn’t have been shut down because so many cool things happen. This would have been my first time to a Huck Fest and i thought I would get to see some cool stuff, but hopefully there still is. I’m sorta excited about the trip but i’m sad i don’t get to see the real Huck Fest. Next post is a completion of the truck build posted before!

The Build WP8

Recently, me and my dad have been building a Chevy Pre-runner. we have currently put 2 weeks into it and have gotten pretty far. We have spent a while choosing wheels and tires. We also looked at some different trucks to base ours off of. After finding some preferences we went straight to work on the truck.



After a week or so we got pretty far, and actually got to drive it not to long ago! My dad custom made the front and back bumpers for the truck and added some detail by painting both black. I really like how its turned out so far and cant wait to see the finished product.




We now have put the skid plate on (not seen in this picture) and it looks amazing. I recommend going to my dads website in the links page. He puts up stuff for sale and builds he’s done for customers. I’m very happy he’s come so far and cant wait to see more of his stuff!

long range precision WP7

Long range precision shooting (otherwise known as sniper shooting) is , well.. long range shooting. But its not as simple as you think. When long range shooting you have to know the height, distance, length, speed(if moving), elevation, size and wind speed, But that is not even all!

One thing that is used to find out where to shoot is called a ballistics calculator ( ). These tell you how far away you should shoot from and where to aim, some times you have to aim a couple feet away from your target.


The picture above is of a ballistics scope, when looking through the scope you will actually see this diagram. This diagram shows feet and size, when looking through it actually almost tells you where to shoot and aim. As I am not 100% knowledgeable about LRP i cannot inform everything. But i will get more educated on this topic and may be posting about it soon!


Air soft WP6

Considering I am getting into writing about my other hobbies, I thought it would been appropriate to write about one very cool one…  Air soft. I’m really enjoying it and my family is thinking about going to CQB City in Stockton. CQB City is the biggest air soft arena in the nation, consisting of a huge indoor arena and a mall like cafeteria. I haven’t been there yet but I’m excited to go! When or if we go, we would be renting electric guns because I only own spring (which are not very good) and are not good enough for CQB.

cqb cty    

The air soft gun I’m looking into getting is called a M4 which is a copy of an M4, if not that gun then I would get an AR-15 kinda gun. But, my family is not super big with the air soft idea. But we are considering getting Nerf.

Well that’s it for now, comment below any suggestions on future posts or topics.

My Hobbies WP5

I have ridden mountain bikes for about 2 years now and have gotten pretty far, but with financial stuff happening my family decided to not rid to much and do other hobbies including mountain biking. In my last post i explained some things i would do, but here is the “full” list!

    • Air soft
    • Wake Surfing
    • Long Range Precision
    • mountain biking
    • CQB
    • snow boarding


There may be more, but we are just deciding, we may not even do all of the things listed. As you can see in the list, my family and i go shooting pretty often. Although we haven’t gone in a while we are still pretty into it. One thing i’m pretty exited about is air soft, it is not actual shooting, but it gives you live targets and stuff to shoot at, while also giving you the customization options as real guns. Another thing that i’m exited about is wake surfing, i haven’t done it before, but my dad has owned a company that made boards so i though it would be fun to get back into it. I don’t list this as a hobby but i also game lightly, but i barely do. My dad doesn’t like me gaming so i stay away from it for the most part. Thats all i can think of, but i will be posting on other stuff too.


Ms.Pena 331


Today in class we had an assignment about other blogs! The blog i am writing about is called Ms.Pena 331 and consists of many other links to other blogs and posts that students wrote. i think its really cool how all the students got to do different activities and things like that.

  • After reading some of the blogs I’ve noticed that they are very creative and have some very cool opportunities too. for instance, one girl posted about video chatting with an american author named Grace Lee.
  • Some other posts consisted of Ideas for April fools pranks and some other stuff like stop motion movies and other stuff was like what they learned that day in class.
  • I’ve been noticing that most the posts have been used as communication devices to other students and even teachers.

Fade Out wp4

Currently me and my parents have been talking about how we haven’t been super in to riding anymore. And we are NOT going to stop riding, but we are toning it down a bit and giving some other hobbies a chance. Some other hobbies we are thinking about are

  • wake surfing
  • shooting
  • camping (with rzrs)
  • and some other fun stuff!


We have also recently been finishing up some stuff in our back yard! And its a mini pump track or better know as a bmx track! It is already able to be ridden but we are finishing up some stuff and shaping some of the little nooks and crannys of the track. We also just got some new bikes, they are commencals (as seen in recent posts) and they are very cool too! Mine and my dads are both red and black, and have pretty good components too. I may be posting some stuff out of the MTB genre, but i still plan on doing updates about my bikes too.