SBC 10 Audit

  • I wrote 25 posts.
  • All of my posts where school based and my own interests. About 6 where the blogging challenge.
  • I’ve received 21 comments.
  • I received the most comments on my Halloween SBC 4 because it was more relate able to people.
  • I enjoyed writing my recent WP 15 because I really want to go to b1k.
  • I have changed blog themes because some didn’t do what I wanted them to.
  • I have 8 widgets.
  • I have no oversea students on my blogroll.
  •  I use pictures and colors to make my blog creative.

Baja 1000 wp15

The Baja 1000 is the longest off-road race in the world. It is called the Baja 1000 because of its location which is Baja California, Mexico and averages about 1000 miles each race. Some of the most popular racers consist of “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin, Robby Gordon, and even movie stars like Patrick Dempsey. The course is very grueling and many competitors do not even finish the race. The race includes multiple pit stops because you need fuel and sometimes driver changes. It usually lasts about 16 hours starting at 10:00 am and lasts till 10:00 the next morning! kajigl


This race isn’t about having the fastest truck or the farthest jump, it takes hours and hours of commitment and dedication of the driver and the team to last through the race. There are many different classes in the B1k from dirt bikes to UTV’s, like RZR’s, buggies, quads, and the premier class, Trophy Trucks. Some day I hope to compete in the Baja 1000.

Glamis trip WP14

Last week I went to Glamis and had a lot of fun. I drove my rzr most the time and went on huge bowls that sketched me out, but it was a lot of fun. My favorite part was Oldsmobile hill where some guys jumped down.

The jump looked pretty sketchy and I really wanted to do it. Next year I might have a trophy kart and I could actually do it and that would be really cool. The other places we went included a cafe down by the Mexican border, the drags, and the dunes. The other family that went with us were the Lopez’s who are basically brand new to the offroad world. Sara’s creative outlet is there daughter of them also went and wrote about her trip go check hers out on here blog. I am really excited to start adding more things on the offroad industry and such. next WP will be on the SCORE Baja 1000!


I recently posted a post about my new OHV or RZR. Well, this post i’m going to be updating on that and showing you guys what is going on with it. So, I’ve already driven it myself on a run with my dad and it’s really fun! We added lower door panels, mirrors, and have ordered a flag. It looks really nice and if I get a cage it could possibly be a full bod cage which means I will get a metal replacement for the plastics and would have to climb in through the window. On Saturday we are leaving for Glamis and I’ll get to drive on a real run with the group. Also yesterday we just bought two new RC trucks for Glamis and we can drive them around in our backyard. Now back to my RZR topic, Behind my dads shop there is a little trail next to the railroad that I screw around on. My RZR , as I said before, is white and has stock exhaust but I might get my dads exhaust.

20151119-130640.jpgWe also go to a place called Prerrie City where hang-town is at and drive around there. Once we went and there was an RZR race going on and this was the finish line.



20151119-130737.jpgThe guy all the way on the left in the white and black RZR is the guy we met pre-race. And the truck looking one all the way to the right was a modded Rhino. I had alot of fun that day and I am stocked for Glamis! See you next week.

SBC7 Pismo

Pismo beach is a beach down near SoCal. It’s one of my favorite vacation spots and we go off-roading in  the sand dunes. The water there is really cold, so I dont even bring swim shorts. In Pismo there is a special bird that has an area for preservation, this preserve usually takes up half of the beach normally useable. But, on certain acaitions they open up the beach and allow off-road vehicles and such. Once when we went out we camped in a motor home and the water came up under us and we had to move farther into the dunes. I was really little so I got that info from my dad because he remembers that. pismo I said this in a previous post, but there used to be an annual fest called Huck Fest. In Huck Fest a bunch of pro pre runner racers would come oujt and do a jump compitition. I never got to go (that I remember) because it was closed this year. I’ve gone to Pismo since i was very young and have driven UTV’s and trucks all my life.

The video above is of me driving my old RZR 170. Thats it for today, next WP will be on my RZR.

Possible Moving WP12

I might be moving to Arizona! I’m mostly excited about it because I would begin racing trophy karts which are miniature off-road trucks. The only down side to it is I would be leaving all my friends from the previous years, and I would have to make new ones. I’m not 100% excited about it but I’m glad there could be a change in whats happening. I’ve had a lot of fun at my past schools and I hope that if i move I will have fun where I’m going as well. It is most likely going to happen, and Sara ( Sara’s creative outlet) would be coming too. So if I do move, I’m glad that it will teach me who my real friends are because they will be the people who keep in touch with me if/when i leave! My dad even said that he might start racing pre-runners too! That would be fun because then i would be doing what he would be doing. So Arizona is a 100% possibility!


Fulfilled weekend WP11

My weekend was amazing! I did jujitsu for an hour at 10:00 Saturday, then drove straight to Prerie city to go off-roading! I have my own RZR now as seen in one of my previous posts, so i got to drive in my own RZR and it was fun. Sara and her family came to, Sara’s Creative Outlet.  After going out in the RZR we went home and watched a movie. And, that was just Saturday! On Sunday we went out to Oakland to ride bikes around 10:00 again, then after we met the Lopez’s again. This time we went to 3 yogurt places. We were trying to find a good place to have yogurt, I myself wanted a milkshake, But we still had fun. After yogurt we went home and watched another movie. This one was called MAX. It’s about a dog that was in the military. It made me want a a German Shepard like dog. I had a lot of fun on my weekend, comment what you did on yours!


School lunch SBC5


At school you can either bring a lunch or buy a lunch. I myself bring a lunch because of the choices are so limited at the cafeteria. I mostly have just a sandwich and some chips and stuff. Not many other kids bring lunch most either don’t eat or buy. The selection at lunch isn’t that bad considering its all food i’m okay with,  but some times i don’t really like the lunch choices. The process for buying s lunch is getting a fruit or veggie then buying and grabbing a drink. It’s pretty simple any way, But that’s it for now.




My favorite meal would most likely be ____, yup I don’t have one!  But a very popular food in California is the Cheese Burger. Obviously, and I love them! But, they are very bad for you which means I cant have them a lot. I normally have them once or twice a month with friends. But other than that they are pretty popular and very fattening.  My WP 11 is on my weekend!

Halloween SBC 4

My family used to shoot a lot. More than you would think. On Halloween 2012 we went out with multiple friends and brought pumpkins. We filled the pumpkins with gunpowder and took turns shooting them. I was really excited because it looked really cool! Once we ran out we filled a garden gnome with way too much powder and when we shot it it looked like a mini bomb which scared me at the time. When my dads friend pulled out his AK it was even cooler!


This is a picture of me that day, I couldn’t get one of the pumpkins because they aren’t at my house. The gun I’m shooting is a savage arms 17hmr and a spotting scope next to me.

My New OHV WP10

If you didn’t know an OHV is a (off highway vehichle). I just got one of my own! I’m very excited to drive it and am anctious to learn about it. I have currently had it for two days and next weekend I am taking it out to the mountains to drive and learn more on safety. The color is white as seen in this picture.




I have only driven it once and it was at my dads shop in some gravel and dirt, but as said before I am going this weekend to drive. After some time behind the wheel we are going to most likely add

  • nicer doors
  • wheels and tires
  • new cage in a new color
  • intercom to talk with other drivers

I’m truly excited to see how it looks and be able to drive around normally without any doubt in my skills! Thats it for now, next WP will be about my upcoming jiujitsu tournament!